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Not a Lasik Candidate? The Benefits of Eyewear

In 2015, 21 million people had Lasik eye surgery to correct their vision. But what if you are one of the unfortunate few who isn’t a Lasik candidate? If you are under the age of 18, are pregnant or nursing, or aren’t healthy enough for Lasik, don’t fret—eyewear comes with its own set of benefits. Here are a few.


While the very thought of wearing glasses might give you pause, consider the benefits before you disregard this vision-correcting option.

Glasses are making a comeback. Nearly 64% of Americans currently wear them, and more and more young or famous people are choosing rims over surgery. That could be because eyeglass options are seemingly endless. You can change up your look daily with different shaped glasses or make a fashion statement with fun colors and patterns. Just look at Zooey Deschanel or Johnny Depp, who regularly walk the red carpet in specs.

Glasses also offer protection. An eye doctor will tell you that you get UV protection with glasses that automatically tint when you go outside. You would probably be carrying around sunglasses anyhow, but self-darkening transition lenses save you the hassle of digging through a purse or bag each time you head out in the sun. You also get a physical barrier from dust, debris, or bugs with eyeglasses when you’re outside.

Glasses are convenient. If your eye doctor says that you aren’t a Lasik surgery candidate, other options may not be as convenient as glasses. You can spend more money and time cleaning and putting in contacts than you would with glasses. You will also be more likely to lose contacts because they’re nearly invisible if they fall out. Many people also find glasses more comfortable to wear than contacts, which can be irritating or painful for some.

Contact Lenses

If you hate the idea of glasses despite the benefits, talk to your eye doctor about contact lenses. Contact lenses come with their own list of pros.

Contact lenses won’t change your appearance—unless you want them to. You can choose different colored contact lenses if you want to change your eye color, but most people choose regular contacts because no one knows that they’re wearing them. You also don’t have to worry about contacts clashing with your clothes as you might with colored glass frames.

Contact lenses don’t get in the way. If you exercise or play sports a lot, contact lenses can be better than glasses. You won’t drop or break your contact lenses if you get hit in the face with a ball, and your lenses won’t fog up when you start sweating.

For many, wearing contacts is like wearing nothing. While some people feel that glasses are more comfortable, there are others that barely feel contact lenses in their eyes. It will all depend on your eyesight and sensitivity.

Some contact lenses can even temporarily correct your vision overnight. Orthokeratology involves contact lenses that reshape your cornea while you sleep. You can then go without contacts or glasses during the day.

If you aren’t a candidate for Lasik eye surgery now, remember that eyewear can be a fun and convenient alternative. It may even be a short-term fix. When you’re older, not pregnant or nursing, or in better health, you may become a Lasik candidate. Talk to your eye doctor to see what will work best for you. Even if you never become a candidate, the advantages of glasses and contact lenses nowadays might be enough to keep you happy.

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