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6 Reasons You Should Consider Lasik Surgery

People with vision troubles have a lot of options today. Lasik services offer many people the chance to live without contact lenses or glasses. It has been reported that more than 95% of the people who had Lasik eye surgery between the years 1995 and 2003 are happy with the vision results they received.

In terms of overall satisfaction, there are more studies that people who go with Lasik services get their visual acuity (UCVA) up to 20/40 without wearing contact lenses or glasses. Patients report that they love their new and enhanced vision. If you are on the fence about getting some kind of corrective eye surgery, here are some reasons to think about Lasik surgery:

  1. The results will be with you for a long time. It can take up to three months for the full impact of the procedure to be realized, you can expect to enjoy the benefits for the rest of your life. For the vast majority of people who have some Lasik services on their eyes, there is no need to have follow-up surgeries. The only times you may need something from the laser vision center is if you have another issue with your eye health or vision problems that come with the natural aging process.
  2. There is very little downtime when you have Lasik surgery. It is recommended that people do not drive immediately after the procedure. Most patients are able to get back to work and to their normal, daily routine the day after they have their Lasik procedure done. They recommend a little more downtime if the person works in a very dusty or dirty workplace. For everyone else, the procedure can give a person much-improved vision in under 24 hours.
  3. You will save a lot of money by not needing to pay for contact lenses. By some estimates, getting new contact lenses as often as people should get them can cost anywhere between $375 and $450 every year. This means that the Lasik eye surgery cost will be paid back, for people who rely on contact lenses, within a few years. By removing the need to buy contact lenses and the products (saline solution, and the like) a person can save a lot in the long run. They will also never have to find a lens that has gone up in the eye or crawl on the floor looking for one that fell out. The time spent dealing with contact lenses can be spent on other, more productive and fun things.
  4. You can say goodbye to glasses. No one likes to be called “four eyes.” Also, most glasses wearers will tell you that they can live without spending a ton of time looking for glasses that are perched on their head, sitting on a chain around their necks, or in some other obvious spot. Glasses today are also expensive. If your vision needs a lot of correction, you will have really thick lenses in your glasses unless you can afford to get smaller lenses.
  5. Your peripheral vision will be better. If you are an active person who likes to bike, jog, play tennis, or take part in a number of other activities, wearing glasses or contact lenses can make doing the things you love to do harder. After having Lasik services, you will be able to take part in all the activities you love to do without the aggravation of glasses or contact lenses.
  6. It is quick. Lasik service only takes ten minutes to complete. This makes it easy to have the work done on your eyes that can make a big difference in your life in just a few minutes.

About 21 million Lasik services were performed in 2015. The Lasik surgery procedure is good enough that pilots swear by it. If you would like to get better vision in just a few minutes, stop paying a lot for glasses and contact lenses (and the supplies you have to get to use them), and get back to playing sports and partaking in the activities you love, this may be the right option for you.

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