Information Station: Why Our Vision Changes As We Age And How To Fix It

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Information Station: Why Our Vision Changes As We Age And How To Fix It

Some people may have poorer vision due to a number of reasons. Regardless, it’s a safe bet that most people begin to experience changes in vision as they age. This change is inevitable but some people may experience it sooner than others.


But why do these changes occur as we grow older? And how can we maintain our good vision? Here are some answers.


Why does our vision change?

As we grow older, our body won’t work in the same ways it used to. Just as you may start to feel more aches and pains, your vision has also experienced some wear and tear. It’s natural, but frustrating for many.
One of the most common reasons for vision loss or change is because of genetics. You may be predisposed to glaucoma or cataracts that worsen without the proper glaucoma treatment or cataract surgery.

Others may experience vision loss as a result of years of work. A career in a hazardous occupation, like welding, can damage the eyes without the proper protection. Staring at a computer screen all day also isn’t great for your ocular health.

There are also common health issues that can lead to vision degeneration as you age. Common illnesses include diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, and arthritis. Some of these illnesses demand a medicine that may also inhibit your eyesight.


Common changes in vision

Changes in vision may not be the same from person to person. While one may experience the need for more light, others may have difficulty reading when objects are close to their face. Though these ones are most common, there are also reported issues with glares, significant changes in the perception of color, and a reduction in tear production.


How to fix vision loss

Of course, each visual problem comes with a number of different fixes. Poor eyesight as a result of genetics may be fixed with a simple trip to your laser vision center for LASIK eye surgery. For other issues like glaucoma and cataracts, other procedures can help lessen the effect of these health issues. Some eye doctors may prescribe eye drops to stimulate tear production, while others will engage in corrective eye surgery. It’s estimated that around 3,250 surgeons performed LASIK eye surgeries in 2015 alone.
When you have questions about your visual health, don’t hesitate to visit your local laser vision center; at Abell Eyes, we offer the best eye exams and treatment for any visual issue. Visit our laser vision center today for more information on LASIK eye surgery, glaucoma treatments, and more.

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