Lasik Eye Surgery Center in Kentucky

LASIK laser eye surgery can decrease your dependence on glasses and contacts and enable you to continue your active lifestyle! AbellEyes is committed to providing you with the highest quality of care, the most advanced technology available, and the most compassionate care from our experienced staff for your laser vision correction.

AbellEyes Custom LASIK Surgery
AbellEyes LASIK Surgery

All-Laser LASIK Surgery

The All-Laser LASIK surgery experience combines two exciting technological advances that offer patients a real possibility to achieve better than 20/20 outcome. These technological advances are: the Ziemer FEMTO LDV™ Femtosecond Laser for creating the flap and the WaveLight Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q excimer laser system for a personalized laser vision correction procedure. At AbellEyes we focus on surgery of the cornea, which does include LASIK and other forms of refractive surgery. The cornea is a transparent dom-shped tissue that is located on the front or outer part of the eye.


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PerfectPulse Technology

PerfectPulse Technology™ represents a new approach to corrective eye surgery – it accounts for speed, precision, and safety in the Allegretto Wave® laser and offers improvements that are revolutionary in the field.Smart energy control measures and adjusts energy levels in the laser pulse from creation to delivery.


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LASIK Self-Evaluation Test

If you are seeking LASIK in Lexington, Kentucky we are happy to provide you with more information about LASIK and your candidacy potential for this eye surgery. Please feel free to take our short LASIK self-evaluation test to determine if you are a potential candidate. After you submit the LASIK Self-Evaluation test the knowledgeable staff at AbellEyes will contact you to discuss your laser vision correction options.


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LASIK Financing

LASIK is a safe, effective, and affordable procedure! We want to make this experience as simple as possible for you and our friendly staff will guide you through the entire process and make all financing options available to you! Laser vision correction is now more affordable than ever. Please contact your AbellEyes LASIK or Cataract counselor to determine a payment plan that suits you!


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What is LASIK? Here at AbellEyes, Custom Wavefront LASIK is the procedure of choice because it is preferred by experienced refractive surgeons (LASIK Lexington KY surgeons) around the world. LASIK is an acronym for Laser In-situ Keratomileusis, which means, “to shape the cornea within using a laser.” Before the recent advancements in technology, eye doctors were only able to use standard measurements to correct vision, meaning that prescriptions could only provide a certain level of corrections regardless of an individual’s needs.


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Top Eleven Questions About LASIK

How many LASIK procedures has your doctor performed? What are the credentials of your LASIK doctor performing on their lasers? These are a couple of the top questions asked from our professionals.


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Wavefront Custom LASIK

One of the most innovative features of the Allegretto Wave® is the way it uses wavefront-optimized technology to automatically compensate for the curvature of the cornea. In earlier laser correction systems, the “optical zone,” or area of correction, was centered on the front of the cornea; the result was a flattened circular area that ended with an abrupt edge, causing unwanted side effects like poor night vision, glare, and halos.


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LASIK Awards

As a highly regarded LASIK Surgeon in Lexington, Kentucky, Dr. Tom Abell has received many awards and certificates over the years. Here are a few of the most recent awards he has received.


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High Performance Vision

Allegretto Wave® is capable of producing some of the largest available optical zones. The optical zone refers to the portion of the cornea that has been corrected by the laser. A larger optical zone is especially important for night vision, and for patients with very large pupils. If a patient’s pupil is larger than the optical zone, they may experience poor peripheral vision, poor night vision, and a higher than normal incidence of “halos” and glare. In the past, this has been one of the biggest drawbacks to conventional laser correction surgery. Wavefront-optimized technology built into Allegretto Wave® addresses this limitation.


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