Patient Statements From Amedco St. Louis

Patient Statements From Amedco St. Louis

You may have recently received a statement in the mail from Amedco Kentucky, PLLC out of St. Louis MO. If you did, and if you tried to call the number on the statement, you will have discovered that it was a “Magic Jack” number that could not accept your call. This is, no doubt, confusing and troubling to you and to us. To provide an explanation, let us first give you some history. In September 2012, Dr. Abell sold his practice to American Optical Services- a larger corporation in Las Vegas– and became an employee (along with Drs. Doerr and Oliver) of that company. In late June of 2014, AOS filed for bankruptcy and Dr. Abell re-acquired his practice from AOS.

The statement you received was generated by AOS, not by our current practice. We have been trying to coordinate with AOS in order to work through billing issues like this, but the fact that AOS has been in bankruptcy has hampered these efforts. At this point we have very limited information about bills for dates of service pre-dating Dr. Abell’s re-acquisition of the practice last summer. Nevertheless, we request your understanding and patience as we try to get additional information from AOS so that we can reconcile the statement you may have just received against our records and those of AOS and of your health insurance company.

We will be reaching out to you once we have additional information. Until then, we encourage you to direct additional questions about your latest invoice to the St. Louis PO Box listed on the statement.

Please note that any statement coming from us will be clearly marked with a remittance address of PO Box 371863, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7863.

We deeply apologize for any confusion this has caused, and we will do everything we can to clear up the confusion. Please understand that we value you entrusting your eye care needs to us, and we very much hope that we will continue to provide services to you for many years to come.

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