Cataract and LASIK Testimonial

Our patient testimonials explain why you should get your Cataract or LASIK eye surgery at AbellEyes in Lexington, Kentucky.

Carlola Perry Foster | LASIK Testimonial“I have worn glasses or contacts since I was 6 years old. I couldn’t do anything at all without them. LASIK surgery changed everything. My husband had LASIK with Dr. Abell years ago and had encouraged me to do the same. I was satisfied with my contacts…I can’t imagine that now. The ability to wake up every morning with vision is such a blessing. I wish I’d done this for myself years ago…husbands are right every now and then.It’s been a year since my surgery and I still wake up amazed and thankful. Thank you to Dr. Abell and staff for making every day even more wonderful for me and my family.”


~ Carlola Perry Foster


Karen Wallace | LASIK Testimonial“LASIK has had a great impact on my life. I went from being a 23 year old legally blind person to someone who can now see perfectly. At first, I worried about the price, but the results are definitely worth it. And now, a year later, I have already saved a lot of money from not having to buy contacts, solution, and glasses. It has been one the greatest decisions that I ever made. Dr. Abell and his staff were awesome. They are very nice, very professional and very friendly and made me feel comfortable. LASIK was a great option for me.”


~ Karen Wallace



John Faulkner | LASIK Testimonial“It is a miracle! I have said that many times in the last year. To wear glasses for almost 60 years; and very thick ones too and now to have 20/20 vision is truly a miracle. Thanks to Dr. Abell and his staff for a job well done.”


~ John Faulkner




LASIK Testimonial Christina Darby“I began wearing contacts at age 14 and loved the freedom from glasses. Sometime after college I developed severe eye allergies and was unable to wear contacts at all. I looked into LASIK as an option. LASIK surgery has given me back the freedom I wanted. Thank you.”


~ Christina Darby




Carla Hinkle | LASIK Testimonial“Now I have 20/10 vision! Having the surgery has eliminated so many inconveniences.Torn contacts, red eyes, and prescribed sunglasses are a thing of the past. Thank you Dr. Abell and staff for making my life better and giving me ‘AbellEyes!'”


~ Carla Hinkle




LASIK Testimonial Cindy Dick“I am able to see everything near and far now! I was recommended to Dr. Abell by a friend. Now I am telling everyone about my excellent LASIK experience!”


~ Cindy Dick