The Importance of Using Safe Eye Cosmetics

The Importance of Using Safe Eye Cosmetics

Using makeup during the holidays has become a custom for many Americans across the country. However, most people are unknowingly damaging their eyes with their choice of cosmetics. To observe holiday eye care, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

• Expired Eye Makeup Can Lead to Infections

When cosmetics have gone past their expiration date, they will start harboring bacteria that cause infections, such as pink eye, when applied to the skin. Creamy or liquid makeup, such as eyeliners and mascara, are often the ones where bacteria grow easily. As a rule of thumb, it is best to throw them away after three months.

• Don’t Share Eye Cosmetics With Others

As tempting as it may be to share makeup with friends, there could be germs in the cosmetics they own. This concern is even more applicable to makeup counters that have testers used by others.

When more individuals use the same product, the chances of it getting contaminated increase. So it is best to stick to your own makeup or opt for single-use applicators. Disposable options help keep cosmetics clean and sanitized.

For people who are conscious of the waste they might produce, there are eco-friendly options that could appeal to them. Some makeup applicators are made from sustainable materials. A good example is bamboo, which is used for brush handles. These alternative applicators also save owners time from constantly washing their regular makeup brushes whenever another person uses them.

• Some Ingredients Used in Makeup Can Trigger Allergies

Some people experience allergic reactions when certain chemicals are applied to their eyelids. As such, they should be more mindful of the ingredients in the cosmetics they plan on purchasing. Some chemicals you should look out for include paraben, aluminum powder, and carbon black. Instead of buying products with those ingredients, opt for ones with iron oxides and zinc oxide.

With eye safety in mind, it is advisable to compare products and choose ones that won’t cause an allergic reaction. Be mindful of what you purchase, and always read labels to make sure you are buying cosmetics that will not harm your eyes.

Learn More From an Eye Expert

It is possible to be very glamorous for gatherings this time of the year without compromising your eye health. Having an ophthalmologist instruct you on the best ways to take care of your eyes while wearing cosmetics can be of immense help. With the expertise of our doctors at Abell Eyes, we can keep you informed on various ways you can focus on eye safety while wearing your choice of makeup.

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