Laser Eye Surgery: Right for You?

If you have a current prescription and you’re sick and tired of constantly having to wear glasses or contacts, you can benefit from Lasik surgery. The key lies in determining whether this type of surgery is for you or not. 

Luckily, your local eye care specialists at Abell Eyes can give you Lasik information to see if this type of surgery is for you. Are you ready for laser eye surgery? Use this guide to see if this type of treatment is best for you.

You Have Overall Healthy Eyes

The only way to tell if LASIK is right for you is to talk with your eye doctor. While the surgery is completely safe there can still be minor complications. For most patients, these complications resolve within a few months. For others, there are factors that can affect your decision to undergo LASIK. 

Factors like dry eye syndrome, thin corneas, high levels of refractive error, and having corneal condition keratoconus, can affect a person’s eligibility to undergo corrective eye surgery like LASIK

Whether you have a local eye doctor telling you that your eyes are healthy or you require the assistance of a corrective eye surgery specialist, you can use the advice given to you by a specialist to help you determine if you can get eye surgery to correct your vision. 

You Have the Funds

You may have to pay for your Lasik surgery out of your own pocket. Your insurance company is not likely to pay for this type of surgery unless it’s considered a medical need, which in many cases is not. So, if you are wondering about Lasik eye surgery cost, then you should consider speaking to your eye surgeon or representative so you know what your upfront costs will be in having this procedure done.

You Have Realistic Expectations

If you have realistic expectations related to your laser eye surgery, then you can have great results. For most people, getting perfect or near-perfect vision with Lasik is possible, particularly if they are not very near or far-sighted in the first place. However, not all patients will have perfect results with Lasik, so be prepared with realistic expectations going into the procedure. You should understand that some people have to wear reading glasses or another small form of corrective eyewear when they have this procedure done.

You Are Tired of Wearing Glasses or Contacts

Are you tired of always wearing contacts or glasses every day? Do you hate having to make an appointment with your eye doctor to repair your vision only to have to go back and get fitted for glasses or contacts, sometimes a few times a year or more? This is something you can avoid entirely by getting Lasik surgery.

If your vision after the first LASIK procedure isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, there is always the option of undergoing a reoperation.  This can be true of people who have worse eyesight going into the procedure since there is a slightly higher risk of needing another surgery. 

If you are worried about the cost and convenience of getting laser eye surgery, think about this: the money that you are always spending on contacts and glasses can be remedied by getting invested in a more permanent laser eye surgery instead. Before long, you will recoup your investment and have the convenience of not having to wear contacts or glasses ever again, or rarely. 

You Want a More Positive Vision Solution

When you wear corrective eyewear or have to wear glasses or contacts all the time, you can feel like your quality of life is actually compromised, even if you have Lasik surgery to remedy your vision. 

This is because when you have to wear glasses or contacts, you are altering your natural vision and have to make accommodations for your vision needs on a regular basis. Every time you clean steam off your glasses, wet your dry eyes because of contact lenses, or have to take care of your eyes related to your eyewear, you are reminding yourself just why Lasik may be your better eye care solution.

Getting laser eye surgery is a great way to give yourself healthier, happier eyes.

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