You Just Got Laser Eye Surgery — Now What?

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You Just Got Laser Eye Surgery — Now What?

If you’re thinking about laser eye surgery, there are important directions to follow after your surgery is complete. Here is what to expect after you undergo laser eye surgery.

It’ll be dark

But that’s mostly because you should wear sunglasses. Protecting your vision is of vital importance after your surgery and that means you need to wear protective eyewear as often as possible, even while you sleep. You’ll need to wear goggles or another type of shield to prevent rubbing or damaging your eyes unknowingly as you sleep, but that’s only for the first three nights or so. Additionally, you’ll need to wear protective sunglasses for around a month, and sunglasses on bright days for the first year — but that’s just a great excuse to look cool everywhere you go.

You won’t have perfect vision overnight

In fact, your eyes might do some pretty weird things before you recover. Some lasik surgery patients have experienced hazy vision following their operations, similar to when you relax your eyes and let them go out of focus. This usually happens within the first few weeks.

You might also experience the halo effect: this is a soft ring or “halo” around brighter lights. This occurs within the first three months of treatment and you’ll often notice it at night when lights are starkly contrasted against the night. Ask your eye doctor for eye drops to cope with feelings of dry eyes; dry eye symptoms usually clear up in the first six months.

You Can’t Wear Makeup

For at least a week, you need to sport a natural look, at least around your eyes; this is to prevent bacteria and chemicals from entering your eyes. Foreign materials can be detrimental to your recovery and might leave you fighting off an infection or worse. Put the brushes down and give yourself a break: if you feel naked without makeup, you’ll be able to cover up with those sunglasses.

Showering will become a chore

Remember those protective goggles you had to wear when you were sleeping? It’s time to dust them off for round two. While you cannot take a shower the day of, or after, surgery, it’s critical that you avoid getting soap or shampoo in your eyes for at least a week after surgery. It’s recommended that you not wash your hair at all during this week and avoid hair products that can get into your eyes, like gels and hairsprays. You also need to avoid dying your hair or touching up your roots.

Keep in mind laser eye surgery is a surgery and recovery is crucial in accomplishing a successful treatment. Don’t exercise for a couple days and follow these tips for a successful recovery. If you experience any problems following surgery that do not clear up within the first three to six months, talk to your doctor or surgeon to discuss further options.

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